Video Conferencing

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Video Conferencing is already the choice of many conference organizers who prefer to Video Conference with Main Speakers rather than bear costs of flying them to different parts of the world and spending on their stay in Five-Star venues and is also appreciated by the Speakers who often cannot schedule time to be at different places at one time. Video Conferencing is a simple, portable and affordable solution that brings the benefits of visual collaboration to businesses of all types and sizes.

Video Conferencing

Mediacenter, channel partner of the Polycom / PictureTel Corporation, uses Polycom / PictureTel compact Video Conferencing Systems. (See 'About our VC Units' for more details).

From Your Choice of Venue:

Mediacenter, offers you the option of Video Conferencing from any venue of your choice to any venue/s of your choice.

In addition to our Video Conferencing unit, we also provide peripherals such as LCD Projectors, Large Screens etc. which gives you the option of having your Video Conference viewed by a large number of people.

From Our In-House VC Parlor:

Situated in the heart of Mumbai City (India's Commercial Capital), our video conferencing parlor offers you the opportunity to maintain effective visual and audio communication with any part / parts of the world.
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